"The Tóth Project Architect Office established in 2002 is one of the most significant architect workshops for the construction of premium category family-houses, villas in our country. The office has proven by realizing more than fifty architectural projects that it is able to comply with the highest expectations of clients.
Architecture may be the highest form of human cooperation in our time. A good architect re-interpret and recreate the cultural and technological surroundings we live in, while understands and realizes the vision, which is dreamed by his customer. Our time is the age of cooperation and cooperative communities, which is proven by the enormous success of social media, Facebook and other social sites. A good architect creates community, who helps the designer, the client and the constructor in creating a community organized and operating on high level for common success. The Tóth Project Architect Office understands the inner logic of this community creation, which was proven on the area of villa and family house architecture representing the biggest challenge. It is not only the aim of the employees of the office to realize the client’s dream, but to allow that creative people can dream together for their common aims.
The world standard contemporary architecture is available also for laics and future clients through the Internet by today. So year by year always higher expectations are formulated by the customers, which can be satisfied completely only by a few domestic offices. The designers of Tóth Project Architect Office are interested to ensure their clients the world standard of contemporary architecture in Hungary. The houses built in the last decade prove that it is the real challenge and motivation for the employees of the Tóth Project Architect Office, if they can create without compromise on the highest level. If during the creating process they can provide top performance of contemporary architecture.


A new family-house in the latest edition 1/2017 of “Szép házak”.

Our family house in Budapest II. district won 2. award on Equitone 2016 architecture competition.

One of our favourite family houses in the latest edition 8/2016 Octogon.

Our luxury villa in Budapest capital of Hungary was published on

Facade of the year 2016 category of family houses special award of the jury.

A new family-house in the latest edition 1/2016 of “Szép házak”.

The holiday home in Hövej was published on the Brazilian archdaily.

One of our family houses designed in Mosonmagyaróvár was published in the architect forum

The holiday home in Hövej has been awarded a special prize at “House of the Year 2015”

The holiday home in Hövej was published on

Our holiday home in Hövej was selected to the final of the public voting of “Media Architecture Award”

The villa designed in Budapest District 2 is one of the selected buildings of the tender of “Family houses of the Visegrad Four 2014”

Our villa at the lake-side of Boglár is contained in the book of MODERN LUXURY RESIDENCES

Why Tóth Project?

The most important components of the service of Tóth Project Architect Office: large and spectacular space shaping during design, help in the selection of high-quality and professional contractor, selection of building materials of the aesthetically and technologically highest standard and architect supervision during the realization process. The primary target of the employees of the office is to realize the ideas presented to the customers with computer-designed perspectives as exact as possible during the construction.
The Tóth Project Architect Office understands house as complex system, however first of all as space of living, a home perfectly satisfying the aesthetic and functional requirements of the client. It means also that both the appearance of the house and its interior decoration are important for the designers. So the client does not only receive a beautiful “object”, a beautiful “design”, but a livable built environment, which is able to satisfy all demands of the family.
It is important for the designers that the construction process is not a stress situation, but a creative process both for the client and the designer and the contractor. Nowadays there are lot of offices on the designer market, which consist of talented experts, however during the realization of the plans it turns out that they do not have appropriate experience on the area of quality construction, material usage and execution. More than fifty houses of Tóth Project Architect Office and several dozens of projects in preparation provide sufficient evidence that the designers of the office has known the possibilities of the domestic building industry and the desires of the customers in the last more than one decade respectively. Owing to their experience they bravely undertake aesthetic and technological challenges, which exceed even the abilities of the best domestic offices. It is not only a promise for them, but daily practice.

About us

"It is my honest aim to share our joy with you. Although the basic idea of the house is already a year old and since then we know – on paper – that the house will be good and nice (of course?), but despite our outstanding visual talent we did not think it will be this wonderful!!! Now that the structure is finished, we see it day by day, how big volume the house has and how sunshine peeps in (even on winter days) our living-room, how beautiful the panorama from the terrace will be....etc. Fact that you dared to dream bigger than us and – although this dream has its price – we are glad you did not dissuade us from this project. I think I do not have to wait until the house is completed to say THANK YOU for everything also on behalf of Andreas! Have a nice day, with best regards, Tünde & Andreas"

"I love their houses. There is another house, which was also built in Móvár, it was published in the magazine Szép Házak. I come around and look at it in almost every month. I love that everything is reasoned and exactly designed to the latest “nail”. Their houses have spirits. Their houses perfectly reflect the idea of the 21st century. The perfect stringing of functions, the cosiness and the creation of harmony are perfect. It can be seen on their works that they exercise their profession “with love”. I wish further fabulous houses."(Karolina Hollósi)"(…) It is a great virtue that the mood of the internal area of the building remains in harmony with the simplicity of the external appearance. Every connection is at its place, I mean from the elegant texture of the canvas screen, through the proportion of the wooden and fair-faced concrete surfaces appearing in the shower/toilet – living-room/dining-room units to the built-in wardrobe. (…)"(Martinkó József, Kimaxolva, Vízparti nyaraló a Kis­alföldön, OCTOGON, 2014/ 7)"First of all we would like to thank you for the preparation of the perspectives in such tight tempo! Basically we consider the house very beautiful both regarding the shaping of mass and material usage and its motives. If it should be compared to a previous plan – although that was also a very nice house – we do not feel any difference in aesthetic quality, despite the aimed lower budget we do not consider the house as compromise. If however we consider it in its absolute value, by itself, then it is a very beautiful, exciting, modern and long-lasting house, which we can be proud of, but what is more important: we think it covers our demands and reflects our taste and scale of values. So it is super, thank you! My parents are completely satisfied and we are also, but we would have some constructive ideas and remarks-requests."(Szabó Judit)"We still negotiate with the contractors, but for the present, everybody is entranced from the plans, many said, they still haven’t seen such good and precise work."(Hajnerné Dr. Horváth Barbara)"We would like to thank you for the possibility of personal meeting and discussion and that you see the possibility for cooperation. After we went to Szentendre and the very nice lady has shown the house and told about her relationship with You.... how much she fought for you...:) Compared to this we are “lucky”, because you said yes to us quite soon.... "(Rigó István és Rigó Anita)"Dear Sirs,We would like to thank you for your correct and fair work: today we have received our first power consumption invoice, which was 16.490 HUF/month in case of heating + cooling + hot water + total power consumption.Yours in friendship: Zsuzsa and Zsolt Taródy""The designed room connections are functionally and visually clear, the intermediate spaces, covered and open areas play an advanced role. Between the simple bedroom with middle corridor, perpendicular to the street and the transversally placed entrance area including living-room spaces constitute a definite pencil. Additional to the flat-roof design of the bedroom, the rhythm of the sliding wooden screens and the placement of the windows and doors call up the porched structure in modern architectural language. The building is a demanding, beautiful example, how one can be present within bounds and clearly in quite mixed architectural surroundings without character.(Ripszám JánosZamárdi Főépítész"And the designers have planned a very good house and handed over very good designs to the contractors. It is extremely important!!! I can say only good things about Laci and his team. This whole re-design was incredible. They have really listened to what I said and everything was done as we requested and it has become really classic by the small things they added to it. The floor-plan is super and space organization is great!!!! But really. That was the most grown-up decision of our life until now. Both functionally and regarding the budget a much better, incredibly cultured, high-level, beautiful house was built (people walk around, then stop, return… get out phones… picture...)"(Szabó Judit)"Hi,We were glad about the plan! - it is very nice! – it is exactly the house I dreamed of! – and now I can see finally it will be perfect. In the evening we have “thought about it” a little and we have some ideas, which I would like to share with you!"(Krisztina)"I can see, it was designed by the company Tóth Project in Kapuvár. The name is sufficient to say, you have surely received an excellent plan, although I do not know them personally. I have met some of their works, I consider them a very precise and correct company. (Although they design much more expensive than we:))With best regards,Nagy AntalSzaNaKa Kft."