The architect office operated by us awaits its customers on an easily accessible place for people living in Budapest and the surroundings. Our service is wide: upon request we completely provide the design tasks. Our experience of more than one decade, our enthusiastic calling and our expert team has made our architect office a recognized and wanted company in Budapest and the surroundings and around the country. We have a reliable partner design team, with which we cooperate since several years.

An architect office, where works do not only last until the preparation of plans: we live together with our projects that we undertake the order only in the event, if we are able to accompany the creation process until the “blooming” of the newly planted fauna of the garden surrounding the house. Our clients can continuously rely on us, our architect office finds the solution to every arising problem.

We are able to visualize the dreams of our clients in uniform pictures and to show them to our customers in form of realistic 3D-perspectives. An architect office, the precise, conscientious work of which contributes to the fact that the house constructed is realized in accordance with the perspectives.