Modern architecture - which is represented by our architect office - carefully analyzes, what people really need and how can the material, the stone, the wood, the metal satisfy this demand in a clear form. Simultaneously modern architecture has fulfilled the desire of human being, that the living space meets nature on the most intensive way. Timeless shape and mood: looking at the picture of a house built 80 years ago in similar style nine out of ten people would guess that the building is only some years old - the one, who places the eventual construction time farther, knows that modern architecture covers the whole 20th century.

Our team enthuses over the creations of modern architecture - we set the goal that the family houses designed by us, living in perfect harmony with nature make the weekdays of the people living in them special!

Every created house is a new creative challenge for us. Connecting living space and nature - as one of the most important characteristic of modern architecture - provides wonderful solutions: natural light ensured by huge glass surfaces, run-out of the terrace covering into the garden, fauna surrounding the house, gravel bed, sliding doors, garden lake or trench, integration of water and fire elements into the house are all possibilities that living space and nature serve the residents in close connection. As our customers often compose: "It is like having holiday all the time..."